Agriculture is the #1 industry of Sussex County.  We honor our local farmers, their history and traditions.  The Family Farm Tour is the perfect tour to ecourage families to step away from their computer games and cell phones to experience real nature and get back to basics.  File this experience under Family Friendly Fun at the Beaches!

We'll pick you and your family up from your local address and drive you to a variety of farms just beyond the beaches along the rural side of Southern Delaware.  

On this 4 hour tour, you'll meet real farmers and learn about the agriculture of Southern Delaware.  All experiences are custom tailored to be age appropriate and there will be plenty of hands on experiences.  Some farms are small, some large.  Some have animals, some grow vegetables or flowers, some produce dairy products.  You'll get to visit a good sampling of farms.  Depending on the day of the week, we may even visit one of the many Farmer's Markets in our area.

Seasonal activities may vary. In late spring or summer, this tour could include picking berries and/or peaches, and in the fall, enjoyable harvest activities. Children may experience feeding goats or chickens, possibly petting horses or cows, watching geese and ducks. Sometimes there may even be baby calves to see.  There may also be farm equipment to touch and feel.  Last and not least, we'll enjoy freshly made ice cream at a local dairy farm.

The minimum group size for this tour to hold is 4-5 people during May, June, September, October, 6-8 people during July and August.  If your party is smaller, be sure to call us and we'll do our best to fit you with another fun group. Children are welcome and encouraged, however, we do not offer child or booster seats.  You are welcome to bring your own.

Cost is $50 per Person

Farm Tour is Offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 830 am